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 Welcome to The Eoff Family research site!

I am in the process of finally updating this site, so please check back often for more new pictures and info!

I have learned a great deal more about the family in recent years, and I would gladly share all I have found with anyone interested. This genealogy belongs to all of us.

This website is meant to be a collaborative family endeavor, with members from all branches contributing pictures, stories and memorabilia of all sorts. If you would like to add a page for your own branch of the family (or a related family) please email me at the address below. Also if you have any news, I'd be glad to add it to this site.

The first thing people usually ask is (besides how to pronounce the name) where did the Eoff family come from.... so here is a short history of the Eoff family.

I'd like to take a minute and thank all those fellow EOFF researchers who have helped me in the last few years.... without those of you, I would only have a list of names of dead people, but you all have helped me brings them to life again!

Carol Morrison, Jerri Sudderth, Shirley Azvedo, Bob Eoff, Brenda Renard, Alicia Woolridge, Laura Flannigan, Al Freeman, Pauline Pierce, Margaret Dakin, Dorothy Hober, many, many more.

Special mention goes to Roberta Grahame, Robert Woods, Flossie Eoff and Alfred Barton, for paving the way for future Eoff researchers.

And last but not least, my grandmother, Mary Spencer, for teaching me each person is important, my great-grandmother, Eliza Jane Eoff Spencer, for starting me on this obsession, and Shirley Eoff and Don Eoff, for instilling in me the love of everything Eoff!

If I didn't mention you I still thank you!!!


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